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Why should you get your next hedgehog from GLHH?

We strive to bring you happy, healthy, and socialized hedgehogs!

When we got our first hedgehog it was love at first poke! But the feeling was not mutual. So we got another, and she was the sweetest thing! What was the difference? Why did one enjoy being handled while the other one detested it?? The answer: socialization. One was not handled much as a hoglet while the other was socialized from a young age.

This is why here at GLHH our goal is to bring you a socialized hedgehog. A hedgehog that you can handle confidently. 

We raise our hedgheogs in our home. They hear the loud squeals of laughter from our kids. They hear the vaccum. They hear our dogs bark at the mailman. Our hedgehogs are handled by us and by our kids! We do all of this so handling your new pet isn't so intimidating! We also offer breeder support! We are here for our customers to address any concerns or questions that may arise. 

How do you ensure that your hedgehogs are healthy?

We breed pedigreed hedgehogs here at GLHH. What does that mean? It means that we track your pet's lineage. We know their grandparents and parents. If a hedgehog is found to have a genetic health problem, they are no longer used for breeding purposes. We take these precautions to be sure that your hedgehog is healthy!

We also offer a lifetime guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome with a necropsy report from a licensed veterinarian stating WHS is the cause of death. We also offer a six-month health guarantee. This only covers congenital health issues, meaning that the hedgehog had the problem since birth. We DO NOT cover injuries due to accidents or neglect. In the event of an injury or death, the owner is responsible for all costs of veterinary care or necropsy. GLHH will only replace the hedgehog with a necropsy report from a licensed Veterinarian stating that the animal died due to a congenital defect. 

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