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Wheels & Enrichment 

A hedgehog can run up to twelve miles each night, so a safe wheel is critical! The wheels need to have a diameter of at least 12 inches to prevent injuries. It should not have gaps or be made of wire, as this can catch toes and cause injuries. Here at GLHH, we make a safe bucket and pan wheels. We had difficulty finding safe wheels, which were also economical. So we decided to make our own! If you are interested, please contact us prior to picking up your hedgehog!

Enrichment is also important for your hedgehog. There are so many great toys for them to play with! Some of our hedgehog's favorites are ping pong balls, cat crinkle balls, large PVC pieces as tunnels, and toilet paper tubes cut down its length. There are SO many options for toys. Just be sure to make sure they are safe. For example..that there are no strings or slits in the toys.


One toy we get asked about that we are 100% against is hamster balls.

The reasons being:

1. They are not safe. There are small slits in the ball that could rip off tiny toes.

2. Hedgehogs pee and poop when they run. Imagine that happening inside a ball...Yuck! 

3. Accidents happen. Hedgehogs are fast little guys. Taking your eyes off for a moment can result in serious injuries. 

We feel that there are much better options available than hamster balls. If you need help thinking of them, don't hesitate to reach out!

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