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What to Expect on Pick-Up Day

You reserved your hedgehog, set up your enclosure, and waited patiently for the day when it would be ready to come home. What should you expect on the day of pick-up? Is there anything in particular that you should bring?

First of all, once the deposit is placed I will reach out to set up an appointment to pick up your hedgie. The day that they are ready is dependent on a few things; they are eating and drinking well on their own, they are gaining weight, and have reached the weight that I require my hoglets be at before they go home. If for some reason a hoglet is taking a bit longer to meet these requirements, we will reschedule. 

Secondly, when preparing for pick up please bring a box, carrier, etc with bedding for the hedgehog to travel home in. If you have any questions be sure to ask them during your pick-up time. I schedule these appointments with time for this. 

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